Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sinful Dwarf

The Sinful Dwarf
A Harry Novak Presentation
1972 – color- 92 min
Genre – Nudie/Roughie

There are few directors in this line of work more prolific than Harry Novak. Unfortunately due to the volume of films he put out there is a pretty good chance of finding a dud. Thank goodness the sinful dwarf is not one of them. In fact I’d say just the opposite, it’s a fantastic little tale of a distorted faced, menacing eyed dwarf named Olaf (played by Torben, who I’m convinced started the trend on the one named movie star). Olaf sort of looks like a midget Jack Black. When a couple rents a room from Olaf’s mother, the wife soon discovers that the pair have been kidnapping woman and keeping them locked in the attic. They keep them drugged to prevent them from running and Olaf runs a prostitution ring out of the room where men pay to have their way with the woman. When the husband discovers the wife is missing (they left him an utterly terrible “dear john” letter) he suspects something is amiss. Thankfully he overhears something while at his new job, which by chance just happens to be the place where Olaf gets his drugs. So needless to say he calls the cops, “Santa Claus” (his employer) is arrested and the police rush to the boarding house where all hell breaks loose. If you want to know what happens well you’ll just have to watch it!

The Sinful Dwarf is one of the more enjoyably demented romps I’ve seen. Torben is excellent as Olaf, it really is a shame that he wasn’t in any more films after this. Due to the nature of the film there’s some wonderful nudity, but also because of it’s roughie nature a lot of that nudity is involved in beatings and all sorts of drug related depravity. Of course when you’re watching a roughie, isn’t that the point? Actually YES IT IS.

Enjoy it sickos

4 out of 5

*Sad news folks, I was just informed that SWV no longer sells The Sinful Dwarf...I guess I'm lucky I was able to get it when they still did. This is a sad day for me.

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