Friday, January 22, 2010

Below the Belt

(Not looking at the double feature disc, just Below the Belt. I do own both of these as well)

Below the Belt
A Harry Novak Presentation
Directed by Bethel Buckalew
1970 –color
Genre – Nudie/Roughie

Below the belt may possibly be the meanest film I’ve ever seen Buckalew Direct. I’ve already written about the Buckalew Classick Sassy Sue and I own several others. Typically they tend to emphasize the fun factor and are very easy on the eye, but below the belt takes it in a very violent direction. Though it’s not surprising that it still winds up being a great film. It’s just a little disconcerting at first when you’re so used to a particular director doing nudie cuties and they take such turn in the roughie direction. It still just proves that Buckalew is a master of their form.

Below the belt stars John Tull (taking a surprising dramatic turn from his usual comedic supporting roles) as Sammy, manager for a small time boxer and all around bad guy. He likes to beat woman and has a serious Napoleonic complex. Johnny is his fighter. Johnny is a real nice guy. He’s a little slow, but strong as an ox. His trainer is Benny who’s played by veteran character actor Buck Flower who will always give a good performance.

Supplying the breasts is a bevy of gorgeous ladies. Rene Bond is a sight to behold, arguably the most attractive woman of the time and easily the most charismatic. Uschi Digart is a double D delight, she’s definitely more enjoyable when you’re seeing her and not hearing her as her accent is borderline painful. Speaking of painful accents our trio of buxom babes is topped off with Mirka who has a lot to offer the screen, just pray she’s not speaking.

One of the few roughies to brave the bold world of color film. Below the belt may not be the best in the market, but it certainly is enjoyable

3 out of 5

Enjoy it sickos

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