Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bumpkin Theater Presents - Sassy Sue

This is not for the double feature disc, but I do own each of these films

Sassy Sue
A Harry Novak Presentation
Directed by Buckalew
1972 – color
Genre – Nudie/Sexploitation

“Junior’s in love with sassy Sue, Boy he don’t know what to do. No matter who they get poor Junior can’t forget he’s in love with sweet sassy Sue” or so they’s a’sayin durin’ the big surprise revealin. Not all that surprising seein as thar ain’t no Sue in tha movie. It’s a wonder though why Junior ain’t interested in any of the ladies around Pa’s farm though. Yeeehaw they’s purty, spillin out their tops. Pa’s always pettin and a pawin on ‘em and doin a bit more when they’s a willin. Ma don’t mind none though, she’s worryin more about poor Junior and his unhealthy obessin on the livestock. What’s a family to do?

Pa's a pettin' and a pawin'...sorry

I won’t subject you to any more of that. Sassy Sue is one of the classicks. In the 70’s Harry Novak produced a metric ton of backwoods, country bumpkin movies. Sassy Sue stands out mostly due to it having some of the best looking girls. Though country hooker has Rene Bond (whom I’ll go into more detail on when I review one of her flicks, she’s my all time favorite), but what sets Sassy Sue apart the most is how thin Novak Blurred the lines of what could still be considered softcore. Trust me this one will keep you glued to the seat and your dick glued to your abdomen by the time it’s over. A three-tissue film.

Sassy Sue

5 out of 5

Enjoy it sickos

P.S. I know by this point you must be saying to yourself “clearly these reviews are biased since he’s already mentioned that he’s obsessed with Something Weird”, but trust me when I say they get really bad. I’ve just been sparing you and giving a proper introduction with some of the better films. Even Mike Vraney will tell you (like he’s told me) that some of these films are downright awful. Let me be your guide into this seedy underbelly of the film industry and I won’t steer you wrong with what’s good and what’s not. You just have to trust me.

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  1. I love these backwoods movies, ever since I first saw them at the Pussycat Theater in Torrance, CA, back in the early 70s. Great stuff. I was probably 17 when I first saw these. Such great looking women....