Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Body Beneath

The Body Beneath
Andy Milligan
Color – 82 min
Genre – Horror

To the uninitiated the name Andy Milligan means nothing. To those of us in the know we know better. I read these lists of worst movies ever made and it’s just obvious that none of the people have ever seen an Andy Milligan film. The man is notoriously bad and his films tend to be pretty wild. This is the part where I’m supposed to say, “The body beneath is no different”. This would be inaccurate though. The Body Beneath is actually possibly Milligan’s Masterpiece. It’s the film that proves the man could make a decent film (just not very often).

The story is outlandish to say the least; it follows a preacher name Algernon Ford who just happens to be a vampire. He’s digging up the last of his bloodline in order to help make it strong and powerful again. I’m a little unclear on how, but fuck it Algie seems to know. The film has everything you’d want in a ridiculous low budget horror. We’re treated to a hunchback manservant, a trio of green faced…uh, I guess they’re vampires as well, but not sure why they’re green. And despite it being a horror thee is some pretty decent nudity and the blood FX (notorious at the time for being terrible) look pretty good (for Technicolor blood). Don’t judge Milligan on how good the body beneath is, trust me at some point I’ll do a post about “Fleshpot on 42nd street” then you’ll get a better sense of the true Andy Milligan, the man who makes Edward D Wood Jr. look like Orson fucking Welles.

Enjoy it sickos

4 out of 5

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