Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bloody Pit of Horror

The Bloody Pit of Horror
Genre - Horror

“My vengeance needs blood” – Marquis de Sade

Former Muscleman and Jayne Mansfield’s husband at the time, Mickey Hargitay stars as the crimson executioner. A group of models travel to a castle with a photographer to shoot some pseudo-torture shots for a novel a writer is working on. Inside though they discover much more than they had bargained for when mysteriously one by one each member of the crew begins to disappear and is found dead by various means. Turns out the master of the house dislikes company and fancies himself the resurrected “crimson executioner”.

Soon he’s captured the rest of the crew and is torturing each of them to purify their souls. It’s up to the intrepid author to save as many of the remaining crew as he can (and trust me, it ain’t much). This Italian horror is full of diabolic torture devices and demented ramblings of an outlandish madman. Bloody Pit of Horror is an all around good time and one of the best from the golden age of Italian horror.

5 out of 5

Enjoy it sickos


  1. Do you plan on continuing this, Moe? It's a great idea for a blog--the subject is nearly bottomless. I've just written my own little paen to Something Weird, spurred by the death of Joe Sarno:

  2. wow, funny that. I JUST commented on your Joe Sarno post. I decided to keep this blog up and running instead of transferring everything over to Drunk on's just easier this way.